0001437749-22-023246 8-K 14 20220929 8.01 9.01 20220929 20220929 SAFEGUARD SCIENTIFICS INC 0000086115 6799 231609753 PA 1231 8-K 34 001-05620 221281126 150 NORTH RADNOR-CHESTER ROAD SUITE F-200 RADNOR PA 19087 610 293 0600 150 NORTH RADNOR-CHESTER ROAD SUITE F-200 RADNOR PA 19087 SAFEGUARD INDUSTRIES INC 19810525 SAFEGUARD CORP 19690521 8-K 1 sfe20220929_8k.htm FORM 8-K sfe20220929_8k.htm
false 0000086115 0000086115 2022-09-29 2022-09-29

Washington, DC 20549
Pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
Date of Report (Date of earliest event reported): September 29, 2022
Safeguard Scientifics, Inc.
(Exact Name of registrant as Specified in Charter)
(State or other Jurisdiction of Incorporation)
(Commission File Number)
(IRS Employer ID No.)
150 N. Radnor Chester Rd., STE F-200
Radnor, PA
(Address of Principal Executive Offices)
(Zip Code)
Registrant’s telephone number, including area code: 610-293-0600
Not applicable 

(Former Name or Former Address if Changed Since Last Report)
Check the appropriate box below if the Form 8-K filing is intended to simultaneously satisfy the filing obligation of the registrant under any of the following provisions (see General Instruction A.2. below):
Written communications pursuant to Rule 425 under the Securities Act (17 CFR 230.425)
Soliciting material pursuant to Rule 14a-12 under the Exchange Act (17 CFR 240.14a-12)
Pre-commencement communications pursuant to Rule 14d-2(b) under the Exchange Act (17 CFR 240.14d-2(b))
Pre-commencement communications pursuant to Rule 13e-4(c) under the Exchange Act (17 CFR 240.13e-4(c))
Securities registered pursuant to Section 12(b) of the Act:
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Trading Symbol(s)
Name of each exchange on which registered
Common Stock ($.10 par value)
New York Stock Exchange
Indicate by check mark whether the registrant is an emerging growth company as defined in Rule 405 of the Securities Act of 1933 (§230.405 of this chapter) or Rule 12b-2 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (§240.12b-2 of this chapter).
Emerging growth company
If an emerging growth company, indicate by check mark if the registrant has elected not to use the extended transition period for complying with any new or revised financial accounting standards provided pursuant to Section 13(a) of the Exchange Act. ☐


Item 8.01.
Other Events.
On September 29, 2022, Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (“Safeguard”) issued a press release announcing the exit of its ownership interest in Lumesis, Inc. Safeguard received $5.3 million of initial cash proceeds in connection with this transaction. A copy of the press release is attached as Exhibit 99.1 to this Current Report on Form 8-K and is incorporated herein by this reference.
ITEM 9.01.
Financial Statements and Exhibits.
Press Release of Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. dated September 29, 2022.
Cover Page Interactive Data File (formatted as Inline XBRL).

Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned hereunto duly authorized.
Safeguard Scientifics, Inc.
Date: September 29, 2022
/s/ G. Matthew Barnard
Name: G. Matthew Barnard
Title:          General Counsel
EX-99.1 2 ex_427932.htm EXHIBIT 99.1 ex_427932.htm

Exhibit 99.1




Radnor, PA, September 29, 2022Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE:SFE) (“Safeguard”) today announced the acquisition of Lumesis by SOLVE Advisors, Inc., a market data platform for fixed income securities. Safeguard received $5.3 million of initial cash proceeds. Additional cash proceeds may be received from the final determinations of net working capital and the resolution of various escrow contingencies. Safeguard will report a gain on the sale of the Lumesis ownership interest for the quarter ended September 30, 2022.


“We are pleased to have taken another step towards the monetization of our portfolio for our shareholders. We also want to congratulate Lumesis co-founders Gregg Bienstock and Tim Stevens on achieving this milestone. We wish them the best of luck as part of SOLVE,” commented Safeguard CEO Eric Salzman. 


Safeguard deployed an aggregate of $5.6 million to Lumesis beginning in 2012.


About Safeguard Scientifics

Historically, Safeguard Scientifics has provided capital and relevant expertise to fuel the growth of technology-driven businesses. Safeguard has a distinguished track record of fostering innovation and building market leaders that spans more than six decades. Safeguard is currently pursuing a focused strategy to value-maximize and monetize its ownership interests over a multi-year time frame to drive shareholder value. For more information, please visit www.safeguard.com.


About SOLVE Advisors, Inc.

SOLVE is a leading market data platform provider for fixed-income securities. Industry-leading firms trust the SOLVE Market Data Platform, powered by Deep Market Insight™, to reduce risk for securities investments and save hundreds of hours in pre- and post-trade research and validation. Founded in 2011, SOLVE has developed the largest datasets of real-time bids, offers and market color across Structured Products, Corporate Bonds, Syndicated Bank Loans, Convertible Bonds, CDS, and Municipal Bonds. With locations in the US, UK, India, Caribbean, and APAC, SOLVE is the leading provider of market pricing in fixed-income markets. The SOLVE market data platform aggregates real-time bids, offers, BWIC price talk and covers, and other market data, helping to provide unparalleled price transparency and liquidity monitoring. The powerful workflow tools eliminate the hassle of the BWIC process, consolidate dealer inventories and two-way markets, and streamline month-end for the back office. The SOLVE team, headed by Co-Founders Eugene Grinberg and Gerard Nealon, has extensive expertise and passion for financial markets and developing innovative technology. More information about SOLVE can be found at www.solveadvisors.com


About Lumesis Inc.

Lumesis provides software and data solutions for the US municipal market. Founded in 2010, the DIVER platform serves constituents across the municipal market with business and regulatory solutions. The DIVER platform serves thousands of users across its diverse client base of banks, broker dealers, municipal advisors, investment advisors, institutional investors and issuers.




Forward-looking Statements

Except for the historical information and discussions contained herein, statements contained in this release may constitute forward-looking statements within the meaning of the federal securities laws. Our forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties. Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, statements regarding Safeguards ability to maximize the value of monetization opportunities of its ownership interests and drive total shareholder returns, Safeguards initiatives, including, without limitation, strategic transactions, taken or contemplated to enhance and unlock value for all of its shareholders, Safeguards efforts to execute on and implement its strategy to streamline its organizational structure, reduce its operating costs, pursue monetization opportunities for ownership interests and maximize the return of value to its shareholders, Safeguards ability to create, unlock, enhance and maximize shareholder value, the effect of Safeguards management succession plan on driving increased organizational effectiveness and efficiencies, the ability of the management team to execute Safeguards strategy, the availability of, the timing of, and the proceeds that may ultimately be derived from the monetization of ownership interests, Safeguards projections regarding the reduction in its ongoing operating expenses, Safeguards projections regarding annualized operating expenses and expected severance expenses, monetization opportunities for ownership interests, and the amount of net proceeds from the monetization of ownership interests that will enable the return of value to Safeguard shareholders after satisfying working capital needs and the timing of such return of value. Such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future operational or financial performance and are based on current expectations that involve a number of uncertainties, risks and assumptions that are difficult to predict. Therefore, actual outcomes and/or results may differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. The risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially include, among others, our ability to make good decisions about the monetization of our ownership interests for maximum value or at all and the return of value to our shareholders, our ability to successfully execute on our strategy to streamline our organizational structure and align our cost structure to increase shareholder value, whether our strategy will better position us to focus our resources on the highest-return opportunities and deliver enhanced shareholder value, the ongoing support of our existing ownership interests, the fact that our companies may vary from period to period, challenges to achieving liquidity from our ownership interests, fluctuations in the market prices of our publicly traded holdings, if any, competition, our inability to obtain maximum value for our ownership interests, our ability to attract and retain qualified employees, market valuations in sectors in which our ownership interests operate, our inability to control our ownership interests, our need to manage our assets to avoid registration under the Investment Company Act of 1940, risks, disruption, costs and uncertainty caused by or related to the actions of activist shareholders, including that if individuals are elected to our Board with a specific agenda, it may adversely affect our ability to effectively implement our business strategy and create value for our shareholders and perceived uncertainties as to our future direction as a result of potential changes to the composition of our Board may lead to the perception of a change in the direction of our business, instability or a lack of continuity that may adversely affect our business, and risks associated with our ownership interests, including the fact that most of our ownership interests have a limited operating history and a history of operating losses, face intense competition and may never be profitable, the effect of economic conditions in the business sectors in which Safeguards companies operate, and other uncertainties described in our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Many of these factors are beyond the Companys ability to predict or control. As a result of these and other factors, the Companys past operational and financial performance should not be relied on as an indication of future performance. The Company does not assume any obligation to update any forward-looking statements or other information contained in this press release.





Mark Herndon

Chief Financial Officer

(610) 975-4913



EX-101.SCH 3 sfe-20220929.xsd XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION SCHEMA 000 - Document - Document And Entity Information link:calculationLink link:definitionLink link:presentationLink EX-101.DEF 4 sfe-20220929_def.xml XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION DEFINITION LINKBASE EX-101.LAB 5 sfe-20220929_lab.xml XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION LABEL LINKBASE Entity [Domain] Legal Entity [Axis] Document Information [Line Items] Document Information [Table] Document, Type Document, Period End Date Entity, Registrant Name Entity, Incorporation, State or Country Code Entity, File Number Entity, Tax Identification Number Entity, Address, Address Line One Entity, Address, City or Town Entity, Address, State or Province Entity, Address, Postal Zip Code City Area Code Local Phone Number Written Communications Soliciting Material Pre-commencement Tender Offer Pre-commencement Issuer Tender Offer Title of 12(b) Security Trading Symbol Security Exchange Name Entity, Emerging Growth Company Amendment Flag Entity, Central Index Key EX-101.PRE 6 sfe-20220929_pre.xml XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION PRESENTATION LINKBASE XML 7 R1.htm IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT v3.22.2.2
Document And Entity Information
Sep. 29, 2022
Document Information [Line Items]  
Entity, Registrant Name Safeguard Scientifics, Inc.
Document, Type 8-K
Document, Period End Date Sep. 29, 2022
Entity, Incorporation, State or Country Code PA
Entity, File Number 1-5620
Entity, Tax Identification Number 23-1609753
Entity, Address, Address Line One 150 N. Radnor Chester Rd., STE F-200
Entity, Address, City or Town Radnor
Entity, Address, State or Province PA
Entity, Address, Postal Zip Code 19087
City Area Code 610
Local Phone Number 293-0600
Written Communications false
Soliciting Material false
Pre-commencement Tender Offer false
Pre-commencement Issuer Tender Offer false
Title of 12(b) Security Common Stock
Trading Symbol SFE
Security Exchange Name NYSE
Entity, Emerging Growth Company false
Amendment Flag false
Entity, Central Index Key 0000086115
XML 8 sfe20220929_8k_htm.xml IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT 0000086115 2022-09-29 2022-09-29 false 0000086115 8-K 2022-09-29 Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. PA 1-5620 23-1609753 150 N. Radnor Chester Rd., STE F-200 Radnor PA 19087 610 293-0600 false false false false Common Stock SFE NYSE false EXCEL 9 Financial_Report.xlsx IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT begin 644 Financial_Report.xlsx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} .report .nump { padding: 0px 0.4em 0px 2em; } /* styles for text types */ .report .text { text-align: left; white-space: normal; } .report .text .big { margin-bottom: 1em; width: 17em; } .report .text .more { display: none; } .report .text .note { font-style: italic; font-weight: bold; } .report .text .small { width: 10em; } .report sup { font-style: italic; } .report .outerFootnotes { font-size: 1em; } XML 12 FilingSummary.xml IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT html 1 22 1 false 0 0 false 0 false false R1.htm 000 - Document - Document And Entity Information Sheet http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information Document And Entity Information Cover 1 false false All Reports Book All Reports sfe20220929_8k.htm ex_427932.htm sfe-20220929.xsd sfe-20220929_def.xml sfe-20220929_lab.xml sfe-20220929_pre.xml http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4 true false JSON 14 MetaLinks.json IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT { "instance": { "sfe20220929_8k.htm": { "axisCustom": 0, "axisStandard": 0, "contextCount": 1, "dts": { "definitionLink": { "local": [ "sfe-20220929_def.xml" ] }, "inline": { "local": [ "sfe20220929_8k.htm" ] }, "labelLink": { "local": [ "sfe-20220929_lab.xml" ] }, "presentationLink": { "local": [ "sfe-20220929_pre.xml" ] }, "schema": { "local": [ "sfe-20220929.xsd" ], "remote": [ "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/xbrl-instance-2003-12-31.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/xbrl-linkbase-2003-12-31.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/xl-2003-12-31.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/xlink-2003-12-31.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/2005/xbrldt-2005.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/dtr/type/nonNumeric-2009-12-16.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/dtr/type/numeric-2009-12-16.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/lrr/role/negated-2009-12-16.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/lrr/role/net-2009-12-16.xsd", "https://www.xbrl.org/dtr/type/2020-01-21/types.xsd", "https://xbrl.sec.gov/country/2021/country-2021.xsd", "https://xbrl.sec.gov/currency/2021/currency-2021.xsd", "https://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4/dei-2021q4.xsd", "https://xbrl.sec.gov/exch/2021/exch-2021.xsd", "https://xbrl.sec.gov/sic/2021/sic-2021.xsd", "https://xbrl.sec.gov/stpr/2021/stpr-2021.xsd" ] } }, "elementCount": 26, "entityCount": 1, "hidden": { "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4": 2, "total": 2 }, "keyCustom": 0, "keyStandard": 22, "memberCustom": 0, "memberStandard": 0, "nsprefix": "sfe", "nsuri": "http://www.sfe.com/20220929", "report": { "R1": { "firstAnchor": { "ancestors": [ "div", "body", "html" ], "baseRef": "sfe20220929_8k.htm", "contextRef": "d20228K", "decimals": null, "first": true, "lang": "en-US", "name": "dei:EntityRegistrantName", "reportCount": 1, "unique": true, "unitRef": null, "xsiNil": "false" }, "groupType": "document", "isDefault": "true", "longName": "000 - Document - Document And Entity Information", "role": "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information", "shortName": "Document And Entity Information", "subGroupType": "", "uniqueAnchor": { "ancestors": [ "div", "body", "html" ], "baseRef": "sfe20220929_8k.htm", "contextRef": "d20228K", "decimals": null, "first": true, "lang": "en-US", "name": "dei:EntityRegistrantName", "reportCount": 1, "unique": true, "unitRef": null, "xsiNil": "false" } } }, "segmentCount": 0, "tag": { "dei_AmendmentFlag": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the XBRL content amends previously-filed or accepted submission.", "label": "Amendment Flag" } } }, "localname": "AmendmentFlag", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "booleanItemType" }, "dei_CityAreaCode": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Area code of city", "label": "City Area Code" } } }, "localname": "CityAreaCode", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType" }, "dei_DocumentInformationLineItems": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Line items represent financial concepts included in a table. These concepts are used to disclose reportable information associated with domain members defined in one or many axes to the table.", "label": "Document Information [Line Items]" } } }, "localname": "DocumentInformationLineItems", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "stringItemType" }, "dei_DocumentInformationTable": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Container to support the formal attachment of each official or unofficial, public or private document as part of a submission package.", "label": "Document Information [Table]" } } }, "localname": "DocumentInformationTable", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "xbrltype": "stringItemType" }, "dei_DocumentPeriodEndDate": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "For the EDGAR submission types of Form 8-K: the date of the report, the date of the earliest event reported; for the EDGAR submission types of Form N-1A: the filing date; for all other submission types: the end of the reporting or transition period. The format of the date is YYYY-MM-DD.", "label": "Document, Period End Date" } } }, "localname": "DocumentPeriodEndDate", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "dateItemType" }, "dei_DocumentType": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "The type of document being provided (such as 10-K, 10-Q, 485BPOS, etc). The document type is limited to the same value as the supporting SEC submission type, or the word 'Other'.", "label": "Document, Type" } } }, "localname": "DocumentType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "submissionTypeItemType" }, "dei_EntityAddressAddressLine1": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Address Line 1 such as Attn, Building Name, Street Name", "label": "Entity, Address, Address Line One" } } }, "localname": "EntityAddressAddressLine1", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType" }, "dei_EntityAddressCityOrTown": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Name of the City or Town", "label": "Entity, Address, City or Town" } } }, "localname": "EntityAddressCityOrTown", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType" }, "dei_EntityAddressPostalZipCode": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Code for the postal or zip code", "label": "Entity, Address, Postal Zip Code" } } }, "localname": "EntityAddressPostalZipCode", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType" }, "dei_EntityAddressStateOrProvince": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Name of the state or province.", "label": "Entity, Address, State or Province" } } }, "localname": "EntityAddressStateOrProvince", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "stateOrProvinceItemType" }, "dei_EntityCentralIndexKey": { "auth_ref": [ "r1" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "A unique 10-digit SEC-issued value to identify entities that have filed disclosures with the SEC. It is commonly abbreviated as CIK.", "label": "Entity, Central Index Key" } } }, "localname": "EntityCentralIndexKey", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "centralIndexKeyItemType" }, "dei_EntityDomain": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "All the names of the entities being reported upon in a document. Any legal structure used to conduct activities or to hold assets. Some examples of such structures are corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, grantor trusts, and other trusts. This item does not include business and geographical segments which are included in the geographical or business segments domains.", "label": "Entity [Domain]" } } }, "localname": "EntityDomain", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "domainItemType" }, "dei_EntityEmergingGrowthCompany": { "auth_ref": [ "r1" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Indicate if registrant meets the emerging growth company criteria.", "label": "Entity, Emerging Growth Company" } } }, "localname": "EntityEmergingGrowthCompany", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "booleanItemType" }, "dei_EntityFileNumber": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Commission file number. The field allows up to 17 characters. The prefix may contain 1-3 digits, the sequence number may contain 1-8 digits, the optional suffix may contain 1-4 characters, and the fields are separated with a hyphen.", "label": "Entity, File Number" } } }, "localname": "EntityFileNumber", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "fileNumberItemType" }, "dei_EntityIncorporationStateCountryCode": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Two-character EDGAR code representing the state or country of incorporation.", "label": "Entity, Incorporation, State or Country Code" } } }, "localname": "EntityIncorporationStateCountryCode", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "edgarStateCountryItemType" }, "dei_EntityRegistrantName": { "auth_ref": [ "r1" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "The exact name of the entity filing the report as specified in its charter, which is required by forms filed with the SEC.", "label": "Entity, Registrant Name" } } }, "localname": "EntityRegistrantName", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType" }, "dei_EntityTaxIdentificationNumber": { "auth_ref": [ "r1" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "The Tax Identification Number (TIN), also known as an Employer Identification Number (EIN), is a unique 9-digit value assigned by the IRS.", "label": "Entity, Tax Identification Number" } } }, "localname": "EntityTaxIdentificationNumber", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "employerIdItemType" }, "dei_LegalEntityAxis": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "The set of legal entities associated with a report.", "label": "Legal Entity [Axis]" } } }, "localname": "LegalEntityAxis", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "stringItemType" }, "dei_LocalPhoneNumber": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Local phone number for entity.", "label": "Local Phone Number" } } }, "localname": "LocalPhoneNumber", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType" }, "dei_PreCommencementIssuerTenderOffer": { "auth_ref": [ "r3" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the Form 8-K filing is intended to satisfy the filing obligation of the registrant as pre-commencement communications pursuant to Rule 13e-4(c) under the Exchange Act.", "label": "Pre-commencement Issuer Tender Offer" } } }, "localname": "PreCommencementIssuerTenderOffer", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "booleanItemType" }, "dei_PreCommencementTenderOffer": { "auth_ref": [ "r4" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the Form 8-K filing is intended to satisfy the filing obligation of the registrant as pre-commencement communications pursuant to Rule 14d-2(b) under the Exchange Act.", "label": "Pre-commencement Tender Offer" } } }, "localname": "PreCommencementTenderOffer", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "booleanItemType" }, "dei_Security12bTitle": { "auth_ref": [ "r0" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Title of a 12(b) registered security.", "label": "Title of 12(b) Security" } } }, "localname": "Security12bTitle", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "securityTitleItemType" }, "dei_SecurityExchangeName": { "auth_ref": [ "r2" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Name of the Exchange on which a security is registered.", "label": "Security Exchange Name" } } }, "localname": "SecurityExchangeName", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "edgarExchangeCodeItemType" }, "dei_SolicitingMaterial": { "auth_ref": [ "r5" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the Form 8-K filing is intended to satisfy the filing obligation of the registrant as soliciting material pursuant to Rule 14a-12 under the Exchange Act.", "label": "Soliciting Material" } } }, "localname": "SolicitingMaterial", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "booleanItemType" }, "dei_TradingSymbol": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Trading symbol of an instrument as listed on an exchange.", "label": "Trading Symbol" } } }, "localname": "TradingSymbol", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "tradingSymbolItemType" }, "dei_WrittenCommunications": { "auth_ref": [ "r6" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the Form 8-K filing is intended to satisfy the filing obligation of the registrant as written communications pursuant to Rule 425 under the Securities Act.", "label": "Written Communications" } } }, "localname": "WrittenCommunications", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021q4", "presentation": [ "http://www.sfe.com/20220929/role/statement-document-and-entity-information" ], "xbrltype": "booleanItemType" } }, "unitCount": 0 } }, "std_ref": { "r0": { "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Publisher": "SEC", "Section": "12", "Subsection": "b" }, "r1": { "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Publisher": "SEC", "Section": "12", "Subsection": "b-2" }, "r2": { "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Publisher": "SEC", "Section": "12", "Subsection": "d1-1" }, "r3": { "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Publisher": "SEC", "Section": "13e", "Subsection": "4c" }, "r4": { "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Publisher": "SEC", "Section": "14d", "Subsection": "2b" }, "r5": { "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Publisher": "SEC", "Section": "14a", "Subsection": "12" }, "r6": { "Name": "Securities Act", "Number": "230", "Publisher": "SEC", "Section": "425" } }, "version": "2.1" } ZIP 15 0001437749-22-023246-xbrl.zip IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT begin 644 0001437749-22-023246-xbrl.zip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