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Illumina and Syapse Partner on Research to Evaluate Large Panel Biomarker Testing Patterns Across US Community Oncology Practices

Jan 04, 2022 9:00 AM

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Syapse®, a leading real-world evidence company dedicated to extinguishing the fear and burden of serious diseases by advancing real-world care, today announced a partnership with Illumina, Inc. (NASDAQ:ILMN), aimed at assessing the real-world uptake and actionability of comprehensive genomic profiling in the community oncology health system setting.

The proliferation of targeted therapies has given many patients hope for a brighter future, but the ability to be tested for and receive those therapies relies upon clinical decision-making. Using the right type of biomarker test, with the right patient, at the right time can ensure that the patient is matched with the therapy most likely to improve their outcomes as early as possible and can potentially eliminate the need for other diagnostic procedures that can be inconvenient, costly, and painful, such as repeat biopsies. As such, the work between Syapse and Illumina seeks to understand biomarker testing patterns and actionability of test results to inform clinical decision-making in the community health system setting as a first step toward facilitating improved clinical decision making.

“In some cases, a patient may possess a biomarker that qualifies them for a targeted therapy, but because it is not recognized early enough during the care journey, the patient instead undergoes non-targeted treatment, which may be less effective and more likely to negatively impact their quality of life,” said Dr. Thomas Brown, chief medical officer of Syapse. “We are very proud to be working with Illumina to generate trusted insights surrounding biomarker testing patterns that we hope can be used to advance real-world care and bring a higher standard of care to all oncology patients.”

Biomarker testing is used not only to select the most appropriate targeted oncology therapy available on the market for a particular patient but also to determine whether a patient’s best course of action is to receive an experimental therapy as part of a clinical trial. In this way, biomarker testing is foundational to the future of the research, development, evaluation, and application of precision medicine – and by extension – Syapse’s dedication to realizing the full potential of real-world care.

“It has become clear that the ability for all patients to receive personalized care via the application of real-world evidence is foundational in the global fight against cancer,” said Dr. Phil Febbo, chief medical officer of Illumina. “The insights gleaned from this collaboration can help to make that a reality by improving clinical decision making, at both the provider and health system level and ultimately strengthening the delivery of precision oncology care.”

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Syapse is a company dedicated to extinguishing the fear and burden of serious disease by advancing real-world care. By marrying clinical expertise with smart technologies, we transform data into evidence—and then into the experience—in collaboration with our network of partners, who are committed to improving patients’ lives through community health systems. Together, we connect comprehensive patient insights to our network, to empower our partners in driving real impact and improving access to high-quality care.

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