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KLAS Research Spotlight Report features 100% Overall Satisfaction Score for the Moxe Health Digital Release of Information Solution

Jan 17, 2023 8:00 AM

MADISON, Wis. & BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Moxe Health (Moxe), a leader in simplifying and automating clinical data exchange for providers, payers, and other authorized requestors, received exceptional customer ratings according to a new Emerging Technology Spotlight performance report from KLAS Research. Moxe’s EHR-agnostic solution, Digital ROI™, received a 100% score from KLAS for overall satisfaction. In addition, 100% of the customers surveyed told KLAS they would choose the Moxe solution again. The KLAS report, based on 20 phone interviews with individuals at 18 Moxe customers from 18 unique organizations, also found that 90% of Moxe customers saw positive outcomes immediately, or within 6 months.

According to the report, “Moxe provides a digital solution that improves the efficiency of data exchanges between provider and payer organizations for release of information (ROI), HEDIS® reporting, and payer audits of risk contracts (which can improve provider reimbursements). Moxe also integrates with provider organizations’ EMRs to provide efficient patient-information exchange services. Customers are highly satisfied with the product.

As providers struggle to keep up with patient medical record requests and the need to staff up for manual extraction and transmission of records, Moxe frees up scarce staff resources to focus on patient care and outcomes, while offering a roadmap for responding to emerging needs like electronic prior authorization, patient requests for records, and claims denial management. Moxe’s clinical data exchange solutions are currently used by more than 75 health systems and 20-plus requestors.

“Moxe customers are highly satisfied with the outcomes achieved through Moxe’s Digital ROI solution, including lower costs, faster turnaround for record requests and significantly higher accuracy,” said Boyd Stewart, Research Director at KLAS Research and lead author of the Moxe Spotlight Report. “These outcomes, combined with Moxe’s interoperability expertise and exceptional support, factor into Moxe’s high score and all 20 respondents being satisfied with the Moxe solution.”

“Our goal is to drive down administrative costs by advancing interoperability between payers and providers through true electronic exchange of clinical data, and we’re pleased to see KLAS confirm that we’re achieving that goal,” said Beth Zuehlke, Chief Customer Officer at Moxe. “We are laser-focused on helping our customers eliminate the high expense and lost efficiencies of manual record retrieval.”

In the report, Moxe customers provided compelling feedback about their experiences using Moxe’s solution, including the following:

Providers and payers experience operational and financial outcomes

“Because of the clinical data exchange in place, the system eliminates or minimizes the need for an HIM staff that has to physically send medical records to a payer. Another outcome is a quick turnaround time. We are giving the folks who are chasing the medical records a lot of relief in having to do that” – Manager (provider)

“Operationally, we are receiving more data and reviewing it much more quickly than before. Financially, because we are reviewing more records, we are seeing a higher rate of return on chart reviews. We are getting comprehensive data, and we weren’t getting that previously.” – VP/other executive (payer)

To access the full report, download it here. For more information about KLAS, visit KLAS Research. For more about Moxe and its suite of innovative solutions, visit

About Moxe Health

Moxe connects the healthcare ecosystem with high quality, meaningful clinical data. Compatible with the leading EHRs, Moxe improves collaboration by simplifying the way providers securely share data and enabling payers to acquire the data they need, when and how they need it. Moxe’s API-first approach is revolutionizing the bi-directional exchange of privacy-minded data to support risk adjustment, quality improvement, payment integrity, value-based care, and more.

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